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Our 100% Honey - Cuvee 2018 is available ...

Posted 12/6/2018 12:20pm by Renee Savary.


Our Honey is produced by our bees on our farm.

Our production is very small.

Our Honey has the unique flavor of 100% Honey.

We, firmly, believe that our all biodynamic, non-chemical beekeeping is part of the solution to the ongoing challenges the bees are facing.

By purchasing Twin oaks Farm Honey you are helping us increase out bee population.

100% of the proceed from our Honey are use toward our Apiary and the creation of our Bee Garden.

Raw - Unprocessed - Unheated

Honey Spoon

This is how you eat Honey :

the tip of a spoon when you are sick .. dont go a spoon full in a hot drink that is the equivalent of cooking the honey which will loose its benefit ... Honey is eaten raw and very little quantity at a time ...

" ... it is important not to eat too much of it. If you overeat honey and don't use it to simply garnish other foods, then you will develop too much form. Then the body form will become brittle, and you will contract many diseases. Well, a healthy person senses how much should be eaten ... " Rudolf Steiner, Lectures on Bees ..

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