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fresh fruits

Posted 4/28/2013 11:10am by Renee Savary.

All our preserves are made right here at the farm.

We only use fresh fruits that we either grow or buy from small local growers. For sugar we use certified organic evaporated cane juice and we make a point to buy the one grown in Florida, it comes at a premium.

Today, in this country, 96% of the beet sugar is grown from GMO seeds. Introduced in 2008, the beets are Monsanto’s most recent Roundup Ready product, genetically engineered to withstand loads of the direct application of the herbicide glyphosate. They took over the sugar beet market within two years. By 2010, 95 percent of the sugar beets grown in the U.S. were Monsanto’s genetically modified variety.

This matters to us all because about 50 percent of white sugar sold in the U. S. is made from sugar beets. In other words, unless that bag of sugar you just bought is labeled “Certified Organic” or “100 percent cane sugar,” it almost certainly contains sugar made from GMO crops.

This has created a rush on alternatives and certified organic cane sugar is one of them. Today we have to buy our sugar months in advance and in much larger quantities as we never know how much and when it will be available, and the price almost doubled compared to 4 years ago when we first started.

No pectin, No citric acid, No ascorbic acid … I am often asked why ?? to give you just one example: 90% of the world production of citric acid comes from China, all raised from a petty dish. I have nothing against China, but I don’t want it involved in my food, just a personal choice !!

The No pectin also means a preserve packed with fruits and not watered down.

If we use spices they have to be certified organic, all spices mix are made right here.

For years I suffered from debilitating food allergies and I learned the hard way to stay away from any “mix” whatever. Food labeling law does not require the detail of the “mix” as long as the use is under a certain percentage of the serving size … in other word: you have no way to find out what is in it but be pretty sure it contains MSG or some version of hydrolyzed soy.

We also stay away from any “natural”, by now we all know it does not mean anything.

Aside from the fruits preserves, you can choose from our chicken in curry sauce or chicken in mushroom/cream sauce both are 100% organic which means all the ingredients are certified organic. Our chicken broth: just chickens and sea salt. We also have a whole line of confits, chutneys and other compotes either sweet or not, spicy or not ... some are just seasonal like our Ratatouille, you can buy zucchinis all year around but if you want to use only local harvest then you have them just for a few months. The beauty of local and seasonal !!!
Little Preserve Trivia : Fig is our all time best seller !!!
We work hard to bring you the best preserves and your ongoing support made them a success …
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Strawberry Preserve

Posted 12/14/2010 9:05am by Renee Savary.

Need some stocking stuffers or want to create a holiday gift basket ??

Twin Oaks Farm preserves are the perfect choice.

 All our preserves are produced right here at the farm the old fashion way : just fresh fruits, that we either grow or pick from small local growers, and certified organic evaporated cane juice.

NO pectin, NO citric acid, No ascorbic acid or any other colorants/fillers or other "ingredients" put in a jar in today's world ...

Golden Plum
SouthernLiving December 2010 edition picked 36 artisan foods representing the South's best authentic flavors and our Golden Plum Preserve was part of them ....

We pick our plums locally at the pic of the season, to enhance their natural flavors we added a dash of the islands best spices : star anise, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg ...

3 "Agrumes"
to celebrate the citrus family we added Meyer Lemons and Florida Oranges to our own Satzuma Mandarines,
some cinnamon sticks and cardamon pods to make you forget it is tart ...

Pear - Calamondin
we sliced Calamondins into our Kieffer's Pears to give it a kick,
add some star anise, fresh vanilla beans from our friend Susan in Madagascar and just enough organic sugar to make you want to eat more of it ....

Made from the freshest local  blueberries, this preserve is made 100% out of fruit with only organic evaporated cane juice.
 It doesn't get any more natural than that

Sunny locally grown peaches and organic evaporated cane sugar make this farm-made preserve a Twin Oaks favorite!

This Strawberry preserve is made with real strawberries, locally grown in dirt for good taste and not fumigated with methyl bromide : a rare find in todays's strawberries production. We just added organic evaporated cane juice ... et voila !!!

Mango chutney
Try our fabulous Mango Chutney made from fresh Florida mango, organic evaporated cane juice, organic apple cider, organic onion, organic grapes, water, ginger, and lemon juice!

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Posted 11/28/2010 5:31pm by Renee Savary.

Southern Living editors taste-tested more than 200 artisan foods to discover the South’s best authentic flavors and 36 of them are featured in their December edition and we are very proud to be part of it ....

Golden Plum

Photo: Jennifer Davick