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Posted 12/1/2008 6:41pm by Renee Savary.

Growing up good ... and hopefully laying very soon ....

15 w dom 11 26 08
15 w dom 11 26 08
group 11 26 08 
The little sisters ... 3 weeks old Dominique and Rhodes Island  
group 3 w old dom/rir 11 28 08
Posted 11/24/2008 7:31pm by Renee Savary.

Great article ... thanks to Lori at Walton Outdoors


Posted 11/17/2008 6:47am by Renee Savary.

We got the first frost this morning ... beautifull but bbbrrrrr it is cold ...

first morning frost


first morning frost
first morning frost


first morning frost
Posted 11/11/2008 6:40am by Renee Savary.

On the farm we have an alley of Bradford Pears (not producing fruits)... In the spring they are covered with white flowers and at this time of the year they put a show of spectacular colors ...

                            Bradford Pear 11 08 

             Bradford Pear 11 08

                             Bradford Pear 11 08 

                             Bradford Pear 11 08

Posted 11/8/2008 12:06pm by Renee Savary.

The Girls are doing great, the first flock is already 12 weeks old ... and no pressure here but every day I remind them that eggs production is around the corner !!!!

The colors of the pictures are really off but they were either in the shade or running away !!! .... They totally not collaborated for this shooting session !!!!

            RI 12 weeks old

            Dom/RI 12 weeks old

Relaxing under the mandarines !!!

        Under the mandarines


The little sisters .... they are 5 weeks old, they have been pastured for over 2 weeks already. I waited much longer with the first flock before letting them run around (books usually say 4 weeks) but talking with experts I started to let them out earlier and I think they are doing much better ...

            Dom/RI flock 3 5 weeks old

Having chickens is the best pest control system ... They are scratching all the time ... Usually pastured chickens get 15 % of their diet from bugs/green but I am sure it must be more ....

             Dom/RI 3 flocks 5 weeks old

No pictures of the Leghorn Light Brown, they are so shy that it is impossible to get pictures. They are also very aggressive with each other and I am not sure I will keep on getting them. I will see how the eggs production goes.


Posted 11/8/2008 10:10am by Renee Savary.

Growing up, in Switzerland, mandarines were not a common fruit and I will always remember that we, kids, usually got the first ones of the season in our gooddies bag for "La Saint Nicolas" which is on December 6.

In the bag besides the mandarines we would have peanuts and walnuts and of course "Biscome" another typically swiss gooddies.

Who would have thought that some 40ize years later I would grow mines living in the middle of peanuts country !!!!

The first 2 pictures were taken on October 15, the trees were loaded ...  

           Madarine 10 15 08 

                           Mandarine 10 15 08

and now is picking time ....

Mandarines are easy to pick and as you pick them you are surrounded by the most wonderfull orangy smell ...

                             Mandarine 11 07 08

                              mandarine 11 07 08


Posted 10/19/2008 11:47am by Renee Savary.

They are 5 weeks old, very small birds compare to the Dominiques or the Rhode Islands, very shy too. Almost impossible to take a decent pix of them ... they keep on running away from me. Very pretty birds ...

            Leghorn 5 w old

            Leghorn 5 w old

            Leghorn 5 w old


Posted 10/19/2008 11:35am by Renee Savary.

It has been a while since the last picutes it has been very busy around here  ... well as you can see on the pix the Dominiques and the Rhode Island Red are doing very well, they are now 10 weeks old ....

           Dom RI 10 w old

Breakfast time ...

           Dom RI 10 w old 

Dominique ....

            Dom RI 10 w old

Daily work ....

             Dom RI 10 w old   




Posted 9/28/2008 9:50am by Renee Savary.

I took those pictures a few days ago when they were just 10 days old.

           2nd flock 10 days

It took the previous flock a good two weeks to do the same thing .... !!!!

                                          Another queen of the water cooler .....

                           2nd flock 10 days roosting

They are already jumping out of the pool ... but they don't know how to get back in !!! ....  When one is in trouble he will call for help with this very loud cry and all the others are totally quiet ....

                                                        Visiting .....

             2nd flock 10 days visiting 

Posted 9/21/2008 6:14pm by Renee Savary.

Let me tell you something : pastured chickens are happy chickens !!!!

You should see them when I first open the door of their coop in the morning ... they run the whole length of their pasture at least 2 or 3 times stretching legs and wings ... they are hillarious to watch ... then they calm down and start getting seriously busy ...

Scratching and searching all day long ....


.... roosting ....


 snacking ... .

            Diner time   


6 weeks old Rhode Island Red ...

            RIR 6 weeks old

6 weeks old Dominique ...

            Dominique 6 weeks old