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Posted 9/17/2008 8:46am by Renee Savary.

This morning at 6:45am the post office called me, my baby chicks had arrived !!

I got a lot of emails about getting them through mail order. Here is a pix of the box ....


They are all bundled against each other to keep warm.

             Box open


They hatched on Monday and they can survive for a couple of days without feed or water. But let me tell you they are starving .... those have been out of the box for less than 5 minutes ....

            just in

The first 2 days I put the feed and the water in little plates that I find easier for them to access than the feeders, that also mean serious poopingscouping .. lol ..

They are Leghorn Light Brown :

They are smaller than the ones I got but have a reputation of good layers (no pressure) and they produce white eggs.

            snacking already



Posted 9/12/2008 7:15am by Renee Savary.

After many months of hard work, I am very pleased to announce that our e-commerce is open for business.

We offer a line of 100% natural preserves that will change with the seasons.  Our preserves are made with whole fruit and organic sugar.

We are raising pastured chickens. Our chickens eat a certified organic feed without soy protein and any type of medications. We should have eggs available by December. Goats are coming next year.

Visit us often, we are working hard to bring you natural and healthy products and we will update our site often.

Thank you for your support,

Renee Savary

Posted 9/9/2008 9:15pm by Renee Savary.

They turned 4 weeks old yesterday and today I moved them to their first pasture !!!

                           4 weeks old / first pasture

Within a few minutes, they were already scraching and searching. For the first day I left them in their pen but I have surrounded it with a long electric fence so tomorrow I will let them out ....

They are growing fast and becoming much more friendly .. if picking at you is a sign of sociability in chickens world !!!

            4 weeks old / first pasture 2


Posted 9/1/2008 5:21pm by Renee Savary.

3 weeks old today and growing much faster than I thought, I have to keep up with housing facility !!! I moved them into a kind of large birdcage (10" x 6" x 4")  with the kid's pool inside where they like to go back at night .... They are still too young to be outside full time ....

Their feathers are growing very fast and they keep on stretching their wings ... they are very curious of their new environment, the other day when refilling the waterer I did not close the birdcage door properly within a minute i got 5 toddler chicks running wild ... It took me 45 minutes to catch all of them .. and a serious workout !!!

             Favorite spot

                     Queen of the water cooler

Posted 8/25/2008 8:28pm by Renee Savary.

We have grown a lot of feathers on our wings ....

            Two weeks old


so now we can roost ...

            We roost


We are starting "thinking" outside the box ...

                         we start thinking outside the box

Posted 8/19/2008 7:50pm by Renee Savary.

I am sure you sometime wonder : What do baby chicks do at night ??? I can tell you … they party !!! They chat all the time, then they have that need to puck against the plastic shell of the pool they are in … At 2am it is a very annoying little noise !!!



          Water cooler talk


  Joke aside I still think they are cute and actually pretty amazing … I know that after living in the boonies for a while one finds the life of baby chicks “amazing” … They just don’t stop .. When they finally go for a nap it lasts a very short time and they are up and running again … and eating eating eating …. 

                   One week old

They are already one week old … and they are growing so fast !!!! Now they have little feathers on their wings and they are starting to use those wings !!! A little too much for my taste … 50 unruly baby chicks flying in the house !!! Don’t laugh : not funny !!!! We are not there yet but they are already flying on top of their water cooler …


I will keep you posted on the progress ....  
Posted 8/19/2008 6:20pm by Renee Savary.
Getting the hay ready!
Posted 8/19/2008 6:04pm by Renee Savary.
New Tractor
A new tractor for the farm!
Posted 8/13/2008 9:13pm by Renee Savary.


 Snack time 3 days old

Today is a good day to start a blog !!

My first 50 chickens arrived ... they are totally cute ...

I got two different breeds, 25 Dominique and 25 Rhode Island Red, both are heritage breeds, meaning they are old breeds that have not been genetically modified for fast confinement production !!!

I got them through US mail .. pretty amazing to me … all squeezed next to each other to keep warm … I was ready for them when I got home from the post office … as soon as we put them in their space they run for food and water, I had read that when you get them out of the box, they need some time to adapt … not those ones … they were
ready for snacks … and they are still snacking !!!

They are getting organic starter feed and of course because it is organic the feed does not contain any medicine or other scary stuff … That was my biggest problem to resolve when I decided to get the chickens, to find feed without medication and organic … nobody is doing it around here … sad !!! 

Chickens 3 days old

Now,  what they don’t say in the books … those little things are very noisy !! well I guess 50 girls in a pool what was I expecting ??? and yes they are in the house … I need to keep them at 95F for now, so not sure how I will sleep …


I will keep you posted ...


in the meantime if you are interested check those links to learn more about heritage breed :

a few month from now that is what they will look like ....

Posted 7/2/2008 9:26pm by Renee Savary.
We have a new preserve : Fig .... just delicious
Come back and check on the progres of our baby chicks!